Early Childhood Education


Halley ES has a morning and afternoon preschool that serves children from two to five years old with special needs.

Early childhood class-based services provide instruction in a classroom setting and are located in a number of elementary schools within FCPS. The curriculum is language rich and emphasizes communication, early literacy, social development, and development of other skills as designated in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Preschool Autism Class

Halley ES also has a full-day Preschool Autism Class (PAC), designed to address the specific needs of preschool-age children who have been identified as having Autism Spectrum Disorder or present characteristics on the autism spectrum, and who cannot benefit from the early childhood class based program. PAC services are designed with a reduced adult to student ratio and provide systematic instruction in a highly structured setting to maximize learning.


Halley ES has a full-day Family and Early Childhood Education Program (FECEP)/Head Start program that primarily serves four years olds whose parents meet income requirements.