Fifth Grade

In 5th grade, we focused on globalization and art history from around the world! Like 4th grade, we focused on bettering our techniques while building on our foundations. While we used a variety of mediums, I wanted to focus on the techniques that are transferrable to all arts if applied correctly: still-life drawings and color theory. This year, we step a lot of time learning how to train our hands and eyes to draw what we see in the most accurate way possible. I introduced shadows, foreshortening, and distance while drawing to demonstrate sophistication and knowledge of still-life drawing. We also got down to the nitty-gritty of color theory with the help of the Pop Art movement while bettering our painting techniques! This year was about building confidence in the artwork we created.

Ms. Arrington's Class Virtual Art Show

Mrs. Duchaney's Class Virtual Art Show Part 1

Mrs. Duchaney's Class Virtual Art Show Part 2

Ms. Jacobs' Class Virtual Art Show

Ms. Thomas' Class Virtual Art Show