Fourth Grade

In 4th grade, we had a huge emphasis on time, techniques for each medium, and exploration/revisions. Each project had a time factor sprinkled in--whether it was movement for figure drawings, how time effects weather for printmaking, or how pottery evolved throughout the eras. We focused heavily on growing our foundations and techniques from the previous years for each medium. Our drawing skills improved, the beginning of color theory is better understood, our coiling and attaching techniques for clay improved-- so much growth in the foundations we built happened! Exploration and revisions were also so important this year! We learned which strategies would work best for different scenarios, we learned how to problem solve together as a class, and we learned to communicate our strengths and challenges to help others. This time around, projects weren't about "how pretty" the end result turned out, instead, projects were focused on exploring, learning, adapting, and revising. 

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