Halley 2022-23 Virtual Art Show

Welcome to our Virtual Art Show Page for the 2023-2024 school year!

Each student worked so hard this year, and I couldn’t be prouder of this amazing Hive of Artists! In the art room, I strive to encourage critical and creative thinking, creativity, wonder, communication, and persistence into each student.  We constantly discuss ideas, revisions, and obstacles we face as artists throughout the creative process. The most rewarding part of being the art teacher at Halley is watching our students grow into problem solvers! I’m privileged to teach each student in the grades K-6 and see them evolve year after year!

We are so excited to show you the great work we’ve created! Each student was given the opportunity to participate in their virtual class art show. During this process, each student reviewed all their masterpieces from this year and reflected on their favorite work! Some student chose to do this verbally with their peers while others chose to write their reflections in the Virtual Art Show slide. I encourage you to watch your class slideshow with your student(s) and ask them questions about their work! I promise they’ll be SO excited to share with you.